Article by Niko Chocheli

art2To describe the work of such an incredibly talented and prolific iconographer as Lasha Kintsurashvili would require many pages. I cannot do so accurately here with my few comments. The Holy Scriptures tell us to "Come and See" and indeed we find images of Christ and his holy mother and the saints when we enter the sacred space of an orthodox church.

Icons integrate us into liturgical life before we even understand our faith. The Divine Mysteries unfold as we step into an orthodox church blessed by the hand of an iconographer who brings the unearthly beauty of the heavenly realm before our eyes. Lasha Kintsurashvili is that very special and blessed master whose God-given talent allows us to fully appreciate the rich and ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church, the theology and traditions of which he is thoroughly knowledgeable. We also know that to understand God's wisdom rational thinking is not enough.

Great love, a life of prayer, liturgical experience, humility and more are also needed. All of these fine qualities are possessed by Lasha. Lasha's skills as an artist are excellent. Through his painstaking study of ancient iconography, Lasha cherished and inherited their mastery of expressive line and mystical color handed down from generation to generation of iconographers. Not only does his work reflect the ancient craftsmanship of his Georgian heritage, but his icons are also imbued with the same deep spirituality and love possessed by his ancestors, the countless saints and martyrs whose blood permeates the soil of that land, and whose faith has been an undying inspiration to the Georgian people. Countless churches and chapels in Georgia have been illuminated by his hands.

Many of his individual icons have gone out into the world, far beyond the borders of his beloved homeland. As a fine artist and iconographer myself, I can confidently evaluate Lasha as one of the leading masters of iconography of our time. As an Orthodox Christian I know that Lasha is a gentle and prayerful man of faith. God truly has blessed his hands and all who know him and his beautiful iconography.

Niko Chocheli

Honorable PhD in Painting Fine Artist, Iconographer, and Illustrator.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania